Performing Arts: A Brief Overview

Performing arts basically originated from events that involve arts like performing dance, music and poetry. Performing arts have a vast history, not in the field of arts but it is also used as a cure for the patient in most places in the world. Performing arts are now taking part more rapidly than ever before due to technology like internet because in old era people only enjoy the session of performing art when they were physically present but now internet make it easy for everyone to take live sessions and feel that charismatic performances from all over the world and from anywhere through technology.

Nowadays we saw movies which we can say a performing art but basically it came from theatre ‘the real show’ that is performed by a group members live and on the spot in movies there are cut and retakes but in theatre there is only one performance and that should be perfect and we should not have any doubt about that they will do any sort of mistake, that is why theatre has more followers that film. But, with the passage of time theatre is now losing its followers due to lack of resources because there are more perfect recorded and have more picture quality than a theatre show. However, producers of theatre now using new ways like telecasting live shows on television to gain its credibility and to show a new generation what the real performing art is.

In modern era concerts are being occurred to show the real talent and to engage modern generation with performing arts, even in some countries like India, Pakistan, Turkey and other Asian countries where live music has more importance than recorded shows conducting live shows for them in the industry.

In many countries workshops regarding performing, arts are occurring in combination with visual arts. An artist observes surrounding more than anyone and gets it inspiration from nature. He actually feels the surrounding which is not an ordinary thing. You have to train yourself first for observing like people perform yoga and go on places which are full of greenery and have a relaxing environment.

An artist meets with different people of different countries and of different communities to develop that spiritual feeling because it is that spirituality which brought peace in your mind and helps you to indulge in arts and that will free a soul from any guidelines.